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Medical Coding

"Implement Modern tools, expert team - maximized revenue"

Accurate transformation of medical notes, diagnosis, procedures and equipment into alphanumeric codes along with corresponding modifiers result smooth medical billing reimbursement.

Healthcare reimbursement is becoming more and more challenging due to regulations, restrictions and limitations in place by Insurance companies. At Medicalbillingpros, our AAPC and AHIMA certified coders carefully follow the guidelines and procedures built from the most current and up-to-date industry standards, including:

  • CPT, ICD-10 and HCPCS coding both on the professional and facility charts
  • Insurance and governmental regulatory requirements
  • Payer-specific coding requirements

Services of coding for a glance:

  • Updates on all coding in-sight and fee changes
  • Following CCI edits and LMRP standards for coding
  • Using appropriate Modifiers and PoS
  • Auditing codes

Our professionals result zero claims denied by the payor. That means both patient and physician receive the maximum reimbursement possible from the insurance company