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Compliances (HIPAA& Security)

We are dedicated to being a consistent and trusted partner through demanding high-standard information security and compliance. Our method to risk management is to segregate risks that need to be managed by line functions and those that need to be managed centrally. The risk management team is included of qualified professionals who work with clients throughout the engagement to develop customized risk-management solutions covering business continuity, information security and compliance with privacy regulations. This team also manages all infrastructure related risks for our entire delivery centers.

HIPAA Compliances

Recognize the importance of protecting the privacy and integrity of every individual's health information. We have a dedicated HIPAA compliance team led by a Compliance Officer who co-ordinates, monitors and maintains the compliance plan. All employees undergo HIPAA compliance training program and a confidentiality agreement is signed at the time of joining the organization. Also, they are aware that they will be penalized for any security violation. We conduct compliance training program at regular intervals to ensure awareness and ethical work standards. By implementing the best practices approach to privacy and security, we are committed to delivering services and products that enable our clients to meet HIPAA requirements.


Physical Security

Data Security